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Optimizing Your eCommerce Store for Mobile

Both Browsing and Searching Options People either know exactly what they want or are having a browse. They may be linked to a specific product page, or have landed on your site for searching through product lines or ranges. In either instance, your site needs to cater to both circumstances. Having a great mobile-optimized search feature, and a homepage that visually takes you on a tour of your offer and product line will ensure people stay on your site for recreational browsing. Product pages need to be visual and provide all information, but on screens that are small enough to be held in hand, cluttering can happen pretty fast. Consider collapsable descriptions and product information, to make way for beautiful imagery. Navigation should be simple, so customers do not need to go far to find what they want.

Large Clickable Elements

Sounds obvious but is important and sometimes overlooked. To learn more about a product, consumers will need to click or tap on their mobile device; you need to ensure the tap-able area is big enough. On a laptop or desktop, chances are people are using a mouse so that interactive components can be small pieces of text or something similar. On mobile, make the images the links or nice big colourful tabs so that consumers do not struggle to learn more.

Easy Checkout

Ultimately the goal is for customers to buy something straight from their smartphone. So like the rest of the experience, the checkout process needs to be seamless. Include calls to actions (CTA’s) on each page so that consumers can go effortlessly from one step to the next. Avoid significant long scrolling forms, as errors will often arise, instead make each section easy and straightforward. Include positive and assuring icons like ticks, so people know parts are completed. Make sure you offer information about your service, as much as people want things to be effortless, they always want to know their money is being handles and process legitimately. You may even want to consider things like integrated payment gateways, allowing people to snap their credit card information with their camera, uploading the data instantly to your site.

Seamless Transition Between Devices

Over the course of a few hours, users may cycle through numerous devices. A person may shop initially from a laptop but make the final purchase through a smartphone. Therefore, your business should allow customers to develop an account through your site, which will enable them to put items into a shopping cart for later purchase. That way people can log into their accounts from any device and pick up right where they left off.

Simple-to-Find Search Tabs

When consumers look through clothing, they may want to filter by size, colour or brand. You want these types of tabs to be easily found on search pages. You can add an expandable search icon at the top of the page, allowing consumers. Part of including these tabs should also involve allowing users to take away mistakes easily. Allow consumers to backtrack effortlessly so that they do not need to start from scratch every time they want a do-over.]]>