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The Road to Magento Enterprise

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Since early 2010, Jasper Studios has been working tirelessly to create a solid enterprise commerce framework built upon the increasingly popular Magento platform with the goal of supporting growing markets of mid-size enterprises seeking to update their end-of-life legacy solutions.

Throughout this process we’ve faced incredible challenges and made a number of  costly mistakes in the areas of: election of key development staff, fulfillment & logistics planning, and payment integration. Additionally we faced a host of Amazon Web Service (AWS) performance scalability challenges as well as general project management and executive leadership follies of epic proportion.

Despite the horrible scars that remain, we’ve successfully created an incredibly powerful framework and put it to scale for amazingly talented and beloved clients. As a result, we were awarded SR&ED credits for innovative work in this space and now have a solid foundation from which to continue our explosive growth.

This year, as part of our mobile commerce product development channel we are developing prototype augmented reality experiences, payment & analytics extensions, and a host of additional enterprise logistics modules for JDA all built upon the Magento stack.

We absolutely LOVE sharing our experiences with others in full agonizing detail with the hope of helping small startups avoid making similar mistakes. This year we plan to participate in a variety of related Canadian and U.S. trade shows, local meetups (Toronto, Oakville), small focus groups & personal appointments with interested individuals abroad through sponsorship and hosted speaking engagements.

We met some wonderfully insightful individuals at this years’ Etail Canada conference and were inspired by some of the rapid success stories, for example those presented by CEO Yona Shtern ( and Kyle Vucko (  Thank you both for a succint and fresh viewpoint, and for transparency in an otherwise tightly guarded industry.

If you are interested in having us present our story (in private or in a workshop or seminar setting) please do contact our studio director Jon Marsella ( and tell us a little about how you would like us to assist.

In the meantime, please visit our new Magento Enterprise Microsite and tell us what you think!  Be brutally honest, after surviving 2010, we can handle anything!