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X.commerce San Francisco – Synopsis

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Solid production values, engaging keynotes, informative breakout sessions, and some really amazing souls with great ideas to share at the various partner pavilions.

Much of the buzz at this year’s XCOM conference was centered around heightened integration between eBay’s new subsidiaries and strategic partners (i.e. Magento, PayPal, Adobe, etc.), cementing an already amazing set of independent offerings into a veritable force-to-be-reckoned-with in the future of mobile retail.

In one short sentence the summation of the event is this:

X.Commerce made a convincing case for asserting and proving that the future of online retail, in particular mobile online retail, is X.commerce. 

And so just what is X.commerce? It’s a timely and exciting incestuous marriage of already rock solid enterprise tools and service providers, with Magento Enterprise at its core.

Some of the XCOM keynotes however were extremely airline-magazine-disease inducing: super sexed up to make things appear a little too easy-ish and plug-and-play for this discerning young developer’s liking.  The material left anyone with even a surface-level technical background begging for real matter-of-fact-down-home-truths rather than predictable BS marketing fluff.  We would loved to have been given some real time-lines for the roll-outs of their sexy new features for example.  And sexy they are dear reader:  Take ye note of some key things to be excited about for 2012:

  • Continued (and accelerated) support for an already stellar commerce platform – Magento Enterprise
  • PayPal Access (downright SWEET for mobile view applications) for anytime/anywhere frictionless macro/micro payments
  • Adobe Analytics (extremely attractive new business developer friendly integrated commerce metrics)

We’re super excited about tracking the release (and stability) of the above, and some of them will hopefully be polished enough and ready for market  by Q4 2012.

The closing keynote, delivered by Chris Bangle was particularly interesting and inspiring, along with the story of Toms shoes and the example they have set by forming an organization with generosity (i.e excellence and purpose) at its core.

All told it was a great time.  Thank you X.commerce – well worth the trip to San Francisco!  We’ll be back next year!