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Jasper Innovative Solutions | Mad Dogg Athletics Case Study

Mad Dogg Athletics is a world-class brand in athletics that delivers fitness equipment, programming and education. Jasper PIM successfully implemented a PIM installation to centralize and rationalize Mad Dogg’s product information management across various channels. Read how Jasper PIM’s innovative solutions help Mad Dogg achieve greater success.

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The Challenge

Efficiently managing product data in real-time presented numerous challenges for Mad Dogg. Selling across 32 websites in many countries, with multiple languages and currencies, Mad Dogg realized they needed to seek an innovative PIM application. The previous eCommerce integrations failed to meet customers’ demands. To serve a large panel of demanding customers, the athletics company had to reduce operational costs and revamp its platforms. Let’s examine Jasper’s innovative solutions for Mad Dogg.

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Jasper innovative solutions

The Solution

Concerned with great customer service and overall business performance, Mad Dogg understood the need of implementing the right PIM solution. Jasper PIM crafted a customized PIM application in collaboration with multiple software and service providers to better serve Mad Dogg’s large global market. Some key features include:

  • Replatform (BigCommerce)
  • Complete redesign (Groove)
  • Gengo integration
  • CMS functionality
  • Manage product data
  • Litmos integration

The Project

The existing system Mad Dogg was using was cumbersome and costly. Their website design was inconsistent across properties and outdated. With their legacy system, the administration of product data and content was difficult and time-consuming. Jasper was tasked with developing a seamless, easy way to power the new eCommerce integrations. Front end design and usability increased with a long-term solution that will save their team members time with consistent results end over end.


Jasper PIM’s easy-to-use and powerful solution for Mad Dogg helped scale results with the best product information technology. Jasper innovative solutions work across 7 stunning eCommerce websites with one single master SKU that is to be deployed over 16 new storefronts in the coming months. Today, Mad Dogg is able to customize and update product data with minimal hassle.

Try Jasper PIM solutions today for your business. Redesign your online marketplace and take advantage of some of the most powerful PIM software available in eCommerce. Check out other case studies or contact us to learn more about what we could do for your online business.