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Sell more by reaching new customers quickly.
Save significant time and money.
Merchandise your products better than before.

What is Jasper PIM?

Jasper PIM is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution helping retailers manage and merchandise their product information so that they can unify their entire technology stack and optimize the way they sell and market their products or services into new channels around the world. Jasper PIM helps all categories of merchants scale their product management operations with ease. It creates a central repository for complete product data, enables two-way data syncs across entire connected technology stacks, supports multiple languages and currencies, across all sales channels and storefronts. Sell More. Sell Faster. Work Smarter with Jasper PIM.

Brands who use Jasper PIM

Sell More, Work Smarter with Jasper PIM Software Solution

Access countless markets with Jasper PIM. Improve speed to market with efficient product mastering and merchandising. Stop tripping over spreadsheets and database imports and exports.

Centralize Your Product Information

Master products and syndicate through multiple distribution channels with our PIM Software. A central set of product data can be used to feed eCommerce websites, print catalogs, ERP systems, trading partners. Reach channels faster, optimize merchandising, build brand equity and ensure absolute product accuracy.

How does a PIM work?

The Jasper Product Information Management System (PIM) is the bridge between your front end website shopping platform, in-store Point of Sale `{`POS`}` systems, affiliate sales channels, and your internal ERP, CRM, inventory control and accounting back office systems. To grow internationally and capitalize on new emerging marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, merchants will need a robust PIM solution. They will need Jasper.

Jasper PIM How Product Information Management Works

Featured Case Study
Jasper + Skullcandy

Learn more about how Jasper PIM worked with elite retailers like Skullcandy, Me to We to improve their existing eCommerce system with a complete PIM integration. On average with Jasper's PIM integration online merchants enjoyed 20% growth in online sales and approximately a 15% decline in operational cost.