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Me to We website revamp project

Featured Case Study: Me to We

Me to We is a social enterprise that promotes and distributes fair trade products such as coffee, chocolate, and jewelry. Created in 2009, the company supports the We charity and sells across Canada and the USA. One of the prominent challenges the business encountered was distinguishing itself from the competition to entice North American consumers to choose their website in a competitive industry. They spoke to Jasper PIM in search of innovative PIM software to modernize their eCommerce channels and gain a competitive advantage. As a leader in the PIM industry for almost a decade, the Jasper PIM team explored avenues for growth via new product information management. Let’s find out how Jasper PIM developed a new vision for Me to We, and how that vision help the business achieve success.

Me to We Challenges

When consumers shop online, they are attracted to brands that provide all relevant information to make their purchase with ease. But Me to We’s previous platform didn’t support multi-currencies — which discouraged consumers from making a purchase when currencies were not aligned. Plus, since the company operates both in Canada and the USA, the storefront struggled to maintain accurate data on its inventory, which made it difficult for shoppers to obtain information about the products in stock. Lastly, the previous Me to We website did not reflect the current mission of the social enterprise. Upon product creation, the catalogs of new items were not consistent across the platforms, inhibiting the company’s sales.

As the company is present in two separate countries, it faced unique challenges in updating product data accurately. Prices and inventory were not aligned, and as a result, didn’t give consumers the right information. The former platform for Me to We products didn’t showcase accurate data about prices and stock. On top of this, product creation and catalogs were not updated accordingly. In short, Me to We needed a new website that showcased product creation with consistent, instant updates throughout two countries, with multi-currencies support and accurate prices and inventory data.

Such issues are common for online and busy marketplaces that sell across frontiers. Most of the time, their current ERP and back-end are stuck upon the launch of product creation and it takes ages to update inventory, prices, and languages across all platforms. This is exactly where a PIM software can help, and it doesn’t have to be a costly and long process to be implemented.

The solution developed by Jasper PIM

As an eCommerce expert, Jasper PIM knew exactly how to help Me to We. The challenge was twofold: revamping the website with accurate product information and maintaining brand reputation at the highest standard via a strong online presence.

Often, retailers are afraid to launch new online channels or revamp their websites or platforms. They are concerned with maintaining their previous systems and fear losing information — and they are also unsure about the return on investment if they had to upgrade their existing processes. That’s exactly where Jasper PIM can help. Implementing a great technology such as a PIM software is truly innovative, but how can retailers know it’s the right solution for them?

After studying the company’s markets and desired growth, and understanding its challenges, Jasper PIM provided a tailormade, easy-to-implement solution. First, it consisted of upgrading the internal systems with new platforms to align product data (prices and inventory) correctly. By integrating the previous back-end, front-end, and ERP with Brightpearl ERP, Me to We was able to launch new products online with consistent data. As the software with Jasper PIM permitted them to centralize all data and synchronize them throughout all channels, Me to We no longer struggled with prices and inventory updates. But that was just the beginning of the game.

Second, it’s great to have consistent and accurate data, but what if the website isn’t outstanding enough to engage consumers? To make Me to We a leading actor in eCommerce — and a great online marketplace — Jasper PIM revamped the website with powerful integrations with Shopify Plus. The website was in tune with the internal systems to provide a cutting-edge online experience that enticed consumers, keeping them coming back time and again.

Me to We case study

The results and growth achieved

Jasper PIM knew that long-term, progressive results are the most effective source of growth. We don’t only sell the right PIM software to busy marketplaces; we continue to monitor their progress to ensure the solution fits the client’s website. If challenges arise, we realign our strategy and change processes, so our clients get the greatest value for their money on a solution that suits their unique needs and concerns.

The results of our solution were outstanding. Within a short period, Me to We recorded a faster time to market for its wares while diminishing overheads. Any new catalog additions for Me to We products — coffee, chocolate, jewelry — were up to date much more quickly, and the website operated more intuitively and overall performed way better than earlier, across Canada and the USA. Great consumer responses and increased web traffic occurred thanks to a new, easy to navigate website. The new PIM not only permitted the increase of Me to We product sales but also improved its desired vision within eCommerce and maintained brand reputation at high standards.

About Jasper

Many marketplaces and online retailers want to achieve sustainable growth with the right strategy and the newest technology. But they need to find the right technology that fits their needs as seen with the Me to We case study. Speak to an expert in product information management like Jasper PIM today. Request a demo to try our solutions.