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Vesta + Jasper

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Vesta, fully integrating Jasper PIM Lite into the Vesta platform – granting users a greatly expanded toolset to organize and optimize data.

Jasper PIM Vesta Header


  • Sets up automated workflows to collect product data from your suppliers, then map and merge it into a normalized format
  • Giving you more complete and accurate product information to flow via API into your Jasper PIM and eCommerce platforms


  • Providing a singular system for all team members – increasing throughput, while minimizing data errors and redundancies
  • One location for full merchandising, publishing, and export of product data

Vesta with Jasper PIM Lite

Vesta makes managing large volumes of product data profitable and simple – providing automated workflows to collect and cleanse your data, giving you accurate and complete data flow via simple connections into your PIM or E-commerce platform.

Together, Vesta + Jasper removes the overwhelming barriers of manually managing product data, making information management easy – handling diverse sources of product information, optimizing workflows, minimizing redundancy, and enabling growth and scale to new markets.

The addition of Jasper PIM Lite to the Vesta platform provides businesses with a truly comprehensive solution for all data collection, normalization, enrichment, management, and syndication.

World-class product information management provider, Jasper PIM, partners with industry leading agency, Redstage to resell Jasper’s powerful omni channel merchandising solution for retailers.

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Enrich data, streamline information, and minimize redundancy


Exponentially increase management and staff productivity


Centralizing product data to enable increased growth and market scaling

Jasper PIM Vesta Commerce Banner

“Vesta Commerce is the ideal data consolidation partner for our PIM Lite product.

Simplified and cleansed product data streamed directly from Vesta to our PIM is a massive solve for eCommerce merchants!”

~Jon Marsella, Jasper CEO

“There is no question, eCommerce businesses looking to grow & expand are turning to powerful systems like the Jasper PIM to manage and merchandise their products online. Adding Jasper to our platform makes it simple and fast for our customers to expand their toolset with the functionality needed to effectively scale.”

~Charles Nicolson, Vesta CEO

Streamline your application workflows and gain control of your data.