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Phone: 1.844.752.7737 (Toll Free)

Ontario Office Address (Headquarters)
74 Fraser Avenue, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3E1

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98 San Jacinto Boulevard, 4th floor
Austin, TX 78701


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New York +(123) 456 -7890 184 Main Street Victoria 8007
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    • Vesta automates the collection and organizing of product data from your vendors to connect to your online store.
      So you can spend more time selling and less time stocking your digital shelves.

Built to speed things up

Who we cater to

  • Reduce time spent managing product data
  • Increase your range size online
  • Improve conversion through better quality product information
  • Improve functioning of your PIM and other data systems

People who require supplier portals for their various products, merchants who need to upload spreadsheets in multiple formats along with merchants who require a way to streamline all product information in a central source.

Vesta can help with all of this and more!

Our Service Offerings


Vesta helps with workflows to collect product information. It also allows for products to be imported in numerous formats.

This involves taking data from numerous sources such as spreadsheets, google drive, emails and centralizing the product information in one place.



What does clean mean? Cleaning means that Vesta will map and merge the incoming data and organize it. Have spreadsheets in multiple formats such as PDF or different spreadsheets? No problem, Vesta has you covered!

Vesta also uses formulas to identify keywords and allows unique name creation for different products to be distributed on your online store. The formulas also allow suppliers to use acronyms to describe their various products in which Vesta turns those acronyms into recognizable customer friendly words. (For example BLK to Black, etc.)



Through the API, the newly organized data flows with
continuous updates from Vesta directly
into your PIM or eCommerce system.

This allows you to have all of your products in your online stores, always updated.


Some of our clients

  • Modmart
  • Fabric Carolina
  • LB Water
  • Red Stag Timber
  • Toolware

For a couple of case studies go here!

Some Noteworthy Projects