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Technical Deep Dive: Jasper PIM Integration for BigCommerce Enterprise

At Jasper PIM, we focus our efforts on providing a seamless PIM integration for mid and enterprise technology stacks. We have clients like Skullcandy, Mad Dogg Athletics (formerly Spinning.com) and Avery Dennision, who publish their content not only to BigCommerce via our PIM integration, but also to third party professional search services such as Nextopia, […]

How to tell whether your next PIM is ready for the enterprise primetime

Re-work can have a huge bottom-line impact on any business. So much so that organizations of all kinds that produce products or offer services work hard to ensure they do the job right the first time to avoid having to correct mistakes, remanufacture products or rebuild trust with customers. Everyone from manufacturers to retailers keep […]


eCommerce Growth Summit Takeaways

Last week, the who’s who of eCommerce descended on Chicago for the annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition, or IRCE. Before that circus – IRCE, still the most significant eCommerce event in the world – kicked off, BigCommerce, a leading cloud eCommerce platform, brought a select community together of partners and several hundred merchants for […]

IRCE 2018 – We Are Coming For You!

It’s a busy and exciting week coming up for the Jasper team. On June 5-8th we will be returning to one of our favourite conferences of the year IRCE 2018! Hosted at McCormick Place West in the amazing city of Chicago, join us at booth #769 in the main Exhibit Hall. The Internet Retailer Conference […]


Migrating to a new eCommerce platform? Beware the challenge of user adaptation

So, you’ve managed to build a thriving retail business, but with a relatively basic eCommerce platform that no longer suits your organization’s needs—maybe due to the geographic scope of the business, operational realities or product information complexities. In other words, it’s time for an eCommerce upgrade. Perhaps it’s also time to integrate a robust product […]

Shopify Unite Partner Conference Recap

Two weeks ago, the Shopify Unite 2018 circus put up its tents in our own backyard: the Toronto Evergreen Brickworks. For several days, the Shopify team, hundreds of their partners, and even the Prime Minister of Canada the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, came together to share insights, learn from each other, and discuss one thing: […]

Artificial Intelligence’s Growing Role in eCommerce

AI’s Role in eCommerce I think we’ve all got to a point now where we are seeing AI’s role in our future slightly differently than movies of the past saw it. Yes, there may always be that slight ‘they’re gonna take over’ fear at the back of your mind, but the technology has proven to […]

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E-Commerce platform wars: Making the right decision to ensure business success

E-commerce platforms are competing for your company’s business. Here’s how to make the right choice There was a time when choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business was a relatively easy task. Back in the mid-2000s—a lifetime ago in the world of digital commerce—there were only a tiny handful of platform providers to choose […]


Optimizing Your eCommerce Store for Mobile

An increasing amount of consumers are choosing to do their shopping from the comfort and convenience of their mobile. Out and about, travelling or just at home people are buying stuff on their smartphones more than ever. Any competent business owner needs to have an eye toward optimizing web pages for smartphones and tablets. Both […]


Replatforming your eCommerce System with PIM and SaaS

Create the Perfect Platform with a PIM SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a third party provider that hosts applications and gives consumers access to them from all over the internet. A quality PIM is essential for creating a versatile multi-channel SaaS platform. Many business professionals often wonder about the intricacies of re-platforming. Whether […]