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eCommerce Partnerships
| Jasper PIM Partners

In global eCommerce, it’s all about efficiency, trust and reputation. Online businesses of any size will struggle in the competitive marketplace if they don’t rely on the best technology. Jasper PIM enjoys a well established reputation based on performance, reliability and expertise in the eCommerce industry. We help our customers make strategic decisions to produce scalable, long-term results. Discover how our eCommerce partnerships help us to maintain our position.

We have forged partnerships with the most respected brands in the eCommerce universe. From marketing to product design, Jasper PIM has teamed up with strategic leaders to produce powerful results. With such robust partnerships, we can work across multiple channels to bring extremely useful solutions to numerous clients. We bring customer-centric, customizable PIM solutions that deliver outstanding results to move your business forward.

Partnerships in the Global eCommerce Industry

Jasper PIM has launched four types of strategic partnerships that cover the full eCommerce spectrum. We choose to work with the leading brands to design the best solutions for your online business. Our alliances help us position ourselves as one of the top PIM applications in the world in terms of technology and service delivery. Our eCommerce partnerships are designed to achieve greater efficiency.

Agency Partner

Our agency partners assess the product information management needs of online merchants and refer Jasper PIM if we are a good fit for the merchants’ online sales and marketing efforts.

Platform Partner

Jasper PIM partners with three of the best platforms in eCommerce. These partnerships allow our customers to choose a platform that best supports the needs of their current online store as well as future developments. Our platform partners deliver the right customer-centric solutions, adding value and customizing a wide range of the growing requirements of online stores.

Technology Partner

Our technology partners bring us the latest product information management technology, extending Jasper PIM’s functionality with third-party applications to successfully deliver customized PIM solutions to our clients. These eCommerce partnerships help us stay ahead of the competition.

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