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Top PIM Software Solution for Yeti Cycles

Jasper PIM Start-up

The Challenge

The bike industry is another booming industry during covid, and Yeti Cycles are in a specific segment, establishing themselves as a higher end manufacturer for mountain biking. Yeti’s challenge centred around having  a small team with limited resources, and the lack of  man power to  manually manage all their product and asset information for their eCommerce business. With the help of Jasper’s powerful PIM, the team at Yeti finally had a tool to offload the work in dealing with the distribution of their product and asset information to their eCommerce sites.

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Key Achievements

  • Jasper PIM allowed them to be more efficient in setting up product information in their stages, now all of which is under all under one platform, which in result sped their merchandise staging process up dramatically
  • Streamlining product information process by fully extracting all information from their ERP system, and allow Jasper PIM to manage and distribute all product data.
  • Redid entire tech stack eliminating other systems such as CMS, ERP, and in result were able to use Jasper PIM to manage all their product information.


Streamlining Imports

Jasper PIM greatly increased the product import speed, and eliminated wasted time trying to previously troubleshoot import failures manually. Jasper provided detailed logging to help find issues quickly.

Effiecient Intermediary System

Provided an intermediary system between the Yeti Cycles PIM and the BigCommerce platform, speeding up internal workflows by automatically syndicating product information to BigCommerce.

Faster End-to-End Process

Jasper allowed the small team at Yeti Cycles to focus more on their product and less time on the manual processes of importing/exporting product information to their e-commerce platforms, which in turn boosted efficiency for their staff.

Let Jasper PIM Work For You

Yeti Cycles is only one of many leading brands that have greatly benefited from Jasper’s top PIM software. We design the solutions that are right for you, and with pricing plans starting as low as $999/month, you have nothing to lose and a world of exposure and efficiency to gain.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, get in touch with us today. A new level of business efficiency awaits when you work with Jasper PIM, so leave inferior strategies behind and start using the best PIM software on the market today.