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74 Fraser Avenue, Suite 200
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New York +(123) 456 -7890 184 Main Street Victoria 8007
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Jasper PIM Agency
Partners Network

With a focus on excellent customer service and delivery, Jasper PIM has teamed up with trusted leading eCommerce brands. Our agency partners link Jasper PIM’s customizable applications to online merchants to craft the best online strategy. Leaders in global e-commerce, Jasper PIM’s partners assess the needs of online businesses and marketplaces so we can provide the best customer-centric solutions.

Jasper Agency Partners

Did you know that the global average rate of cart abandonment was 76% in 2019? Customers may turn to the competition if you fail at providing the best shopping experience. Retailers may lose revenues from missing the right strategic alliances. In the e-commerce sector, companies need to work with established partners they trust. Discover how Jasper PIM has built a strong voice in the PIM industry thanks to its strong partnerships.

Jasper PIM’s agency partners are the nothing short of best in class, and consist of full-service digital, interactive or traditional advertising agencies, as well as highly focused and nuanced marketing providers and systems integrators.

If you’re looking to really reach new heights with your eCommerce footprint, expand into new markets, re-platform your shopping experience to modern technology, or simply just develop stunning new online stores that look incredible, one of our partners can help!  If you’re more comfortable asking us for an objective opinion, contact us today and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

Are you looking for the best marketing and merchant platform for your online stores? Learn more about our agency partners. Increase your revenues and never lose a customer with Jasper PIM’s top applications. Discover how you can benefit from Jasper PIM’s referral partners network. Contact us for more information. Try Jasper PIM today and beat the competition.

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