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Top PIM Software Solution for Total Beauty Network

TBN started over 15 years ago, to create a beauty company focusing on health and clean beauty, and focusing on creating products that are ethical and cruelty free. They needed help and wanted a tool that could centralize all their product and asset information while also helping them distribute push their merchandise through multiple eCommerce channels, and found that Jasper PIM Plus was going to help them achieve this.

The Challenge

The beauty industry is probably one of the toughest industries to participate in, as it’s a very saturated space. After the pandemic caused a majority of retailers to close their physical doors and begin transforming and further investing in their eCommerce business, Total Beauty Network (TBN) focused on digital transformation and renewed digital strategy.  One key aspect of that strategy was the adoption of Jasper PIM as a powerful merchandising tool to simultaneously manage and syndicate a vast body of complex product information.

Key Achievements

  • Being able to pivot quickly in a pandemic thanks to the help of a new digital strategy and ecosystem, and focusing on the powerful Jasper PIM to help push their merchandising and handle product information on their eCommerce business
  • Allowing for Jasper PIM to handle all control over product information and asset information for their Shopify business and allowing for more work efficiency 
  • Jasper PIM handling multiple Shopify stores spread globally with the accurate distribution of product information amongst multiple store fronts

Let Jasper PIM Work For You

Total Beauty Network is only one of many leading brands that have greatly benefited from Jasper’s top PIM software. We design the solutions that are right for you, and with Jasper PIM Pro plans starting as low as $1,999 a month, you have nothing to lose and a world of exposure and efficiency to gain.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, get in touch with us today. A new level of business efficiency awaits when you work with Jasper PIM, so leave inferior strategies behind and start using the best PIM software on the market today.