Today, we have forged partnerships and integrations with the world’s best eCommerce platforms, ERP systems, marketing channels, and marketplaces. Whatever your stack, Jasper PIM is ready to help you optimize large-sale operations and prepare for international expansion. If you’re a technology company looking to partner with us or resell our product, someone passionate about helping retailers scale, or a merchant that is interested in purchasing our solution, we’d love to hear from you.

In 2017, due to incredible merchant demand, we began to focus exclusively on our PIM solution and helped some well-known Enterprise brands reach scale by seamlessly and securely connecting all of their business silos together.  Our product became an early leader in the SaaS PIM space and we continued to grow our customer base and expand our world-class team.

In 2015 we made a pivot to become a fully focused eCommerce systems integrator, offering the market 4 integrated eCommerce technology modules: (1) Shopping cart storefront integration (2) Fulfillment systems (3) Photography automation solutions (4) Product information management (PIM) system.

We began partnering with BigCommerce to offer mid-market and enterprise merchants a truly excellent set of solutions to reach international scale.

We cut our teeth in the early days of eCommerce building scalable (but high-touch) bespoke solutions for large retailers. Our strong roots in systems integration enabled us to create powerful and deeply integrated offerings. It was through this service work that we identified the need for what has only recently become known as a Product Information Management (PIM) system.  It was evident to us then that having a single source of truth for product management and merchandising would become an essential component of a merchants’ technology stack in order to reach more significant sales expansion and greater operational scale in general.

Jasper PIM was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 2010. We began as a boutique eCommerce service business, working with large merchants integrating their enterprise back-office (i.e. ERPs, CRMs, inventory management, warehouse management, loyalty systems, etc.) with modern shopping frameworks, largely on the Magento Enterprise platform.