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Frequently Asked Questions

We love speaking to merchants! We’ve curated a short list of questions below that people ask us all the time. Can’t find an answer? Let us know by filling in a quick form and we’ll get back to you soon!

What Exactly is PIM?

PIM is short for product information management. It’s a fairly broad term that encompasses eCommerce software that handles everything from the content of your website and its user interface to the accuracy of the data you receive from analytics. PIM is also used to keep branded content on-message, and the most effective kinds can be used across multiple countries and languages. Think of it as software that keeps track of all the comings and goings of your website, whether it be internal or on the customer’s end.

Why is PIM Important?

PIM is vital for making sure that you get the best possible data from your website and for making sure that your market has the easiest and most direct access to what you’re offering. Reliance on older technology like spreadsheets is open to error and misinterpretation, and without one solid interface unifying all your information, your business can suffer from needless delays and mistakes that come from scrambling in too many different directions to get what you need. Clean, accurate data that can be easily shared with your partners makes it vastly easier to tailor your eCommerce store to your own and your customer’s needs.

Can You Give an Example?

Sure! Jasper PIM has used effective product information management tools with the likes of Skullcandy to help them overhaul their digital storefronts in the North American marketplace and to help them process and consolidate different kinds of currency. Their engagement and sales have increased substantially since they started relying on Jasper for their PIM needs, and it’s all thanks to the ease with which they can share vital information with their partners and accommodate their customers based on that data.

Is PIM Only for Big Companies?

It sure isn’t! Jasper PIM helps businesses and entrepreneurs with small- to medium-sized SKUs to process data and get the results they need every day. In some ways, PIM is almost more important for smaller businesses, because competition is fierce and you need every advantage and insight to grow your venture and stay ahead of the pack.

If you have a small business that could benefit from concise and accurate product information management, we have an affordable growth plan you can consider. We’re confident that you’ll see concrete results from our PIM.

What if I Have More Questions?

Get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you. We also run a blog that has useful tips and information about product information management. Take a deep dive with Jasper today and see for yourself why so many companies have come to rely on our services.