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Jasper Studios is currently looking for a passionate, technically skilled and detail-oriented salesperson to take on the position of Sales Engineer. The role is focused on reaching out to new prospects and providing proprietary Product Information Management and Integration Platform solutions for customers with challenges around managing product data and executing multi-channel sales strategies. Candidates should bring a strong eCommerce background, a working knowledge of SaaS platforms and possess and good end-to-end understanding of today’s business ecosystems.


• Entrepreneurial mindset (we’re not a large company, so you’ll be able to make an impact right away)
• Resourceful (an extensive network to reach out too from the start would put you at an immediate advantage)
• Technical aptitude (no two solutions we sell are identical)
• Well honed presentation skills (you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of people, so we’re looking for someone that can connect with customers while driving forward a strategic sales agenda)
• Self-starter (focus is on net-new business)

Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Prospecting and initial contact with new targeted accounts
2. Building and maintaining a qualified sales pipeline
3. Nurturing prospects through the sale funnel
4. Creating technology solution roadmaps for prospective customers
5. Working strategically to fill monthly, quarterly and annual sales targets
6. Identifying market gaps and regularly liaising with Marketing and Product Development teams to bring ideas and new product considerations to the table
7. Providing product demonstrations to C-Suite prospects

Education & Experience:

• Post Secondary Degree in Business, Digital Marketing, eCommerce or related field
• 7+ years in consultative sales
• 3+ years of technical sales experience
• Well versed in spreadsheet and presentation software
• Demonstrated self-starter
• Experience with Salesforce is an asset

If interested, please send a cover letter along with your CV to  We look forward to hearing from you!

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