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74 Fraser Avenue, Suite 200
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Meet Jasper PIM

We are a modern Software as a Service (SaaS) Product Information Management System, or PIM, operating as your core repository – your single source of truth – for all product information. Jasper is one powerful tool to centralize, merchandise, and synchronize your product data throughout your eCommerce business.

We serve customers all over the world and have helped many small businesses dramatically increase sales and reduce their operational costs.

Centralize &
Product Data
A central and scalable
location for all of your
product data. Optimize
your merchandising
workflows to ensure
absolute product accuracy.

Maintain complex product
types with localized
attributes and
relationships to other
Enhance Your
Access powerful kit &
bundling and faceted
search capability not
possible in Shopify on its
Automate Your
Shopify Product
Automatically syndicate
your products to your
Shopify store(s). Schedule
key product content and
promotional pricing in
advance to set-it-and-

Why Use Jasper PIM?

Numbers speak louder than words. On average, clients that switch to Jasper PIM see the following benefits to their business:


Take a look at our case studies to learn more about how Jasper has
revolutionized product management for some of our customers.