Improve multi-channel, multi-storefront results with PIM

Five Critical Ways PIM Software Will Improve Your Bottom Line In today’s global marketplace, most businesses operate in a multi-channel environment. Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer or retailer with a multi-storefront operation, you’re faced with the challenge of being able to keep an accurate product catalog that can be maintained easily, accurately and consistently […]

Creating an agile technology backbone I came across a Linkedin post the other day with the title:  RETAIL IS DEAD!  It then went on to show this simple graphic: This type of black and white messaging, typically used in a context designed to make a product or service look favourable, drives me a bit mad.  […]

PIM Inventory Overstock

Inventory Updates With Product Information Management The rate of product invention and production has accelerated rapidly, resulting in shorter product life cycles than at any point in the history of manufacturing and sales. Every link in the supply chain depends upon centralized, constantly updated, and standardized inventory data. Product information management (PIM) systems are the […]

Your company has grown and you’ve established a strong brand image domestically. Your supply chain is intact and you have the capacity to increase your volumes.  It might be the perfect time to consider creating an international presence.  But there are a variety of factors and many processes involved which may make it overwhelming to […]

PIM stands for Product Information Management, and it is essential for anyone working in the B2B world. Almost every seller relies on a catalog of data to organize their often sizable assortment of products, whether it’s a distributor, wholesaler or manufacturer, and more often than not, those catalogs still exist in the form of multiple […]