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Replatforming Your eCommerce System With PIM And SaaS

Create the Perfect Platform with a PIM SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a third party provider that hosts applications and gives consumers access to them from all over the internet. A quality PIM is essential for creating a versatile multi-channel SaaS platform. Many business professionals often wonder about the intricacies of re-platforming. Whether you’re a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer it can certainly be challenging when you’ve been using the same (and often outdated) tactics for a long time. The benefits of transitioning, however, are just too valuable to pass up.

Reduce Internal Costs

Running an operation no matter the size or industry incurs costs, and one of your main goals is to cut those costs wherever you can. One of the biggest money wasters is time, without efficiency money is wasted completing tasks that competitors could complete in a fraction of the time with a well-structured PIM. Consider investing that expensive time into learning how to channel your data into one easy-to-use platform. Too many people are still caught in an unhealthy condition of print and digital data when it can all be managed from one centralized location. And for a much, much lesser price.

Grow Your Enterprise

It’s no secret that saving time and money in one area means you can re-invest those resources in new, productive ways. Why not use the savings allocated by a PIM to create valuable contacts and business relationships? Business professionals, retailers and consumers all benefit from a SaaS. It all comes down to the data: Business professionals need to know you are easy and profitable to work with, retailers want an impressive and well-organized catalogue and consumers want their dreams and needs met through an easy shopping experience. Replatforming your management system can erase your competition from the picture.

Get Extra Perks

Many people see and use PIM solely as a solution to organize data. The features don’t stop there. Cutting-edge SaaS often include perks specifically designed for people you work with. Not only can you communicate seamlessly with professionals in your industry, but features can also help you design an concise and great looking catalogue. You can pull information from other databases (even from records that are not your own), store an almost infinite amount of files and analyze automatically generated graphs and statistics. Taking the leap to find out all that is open to you in the PIM environment can be a huge turning point for your business. You might be surprised at how much the digital applications have transformed in the recent years. And the way technology is evolving may mean being decades behind the norm just by sticking with a slightly outdated system. While taking the time might not seem cost effective at first, the money you will save in the long run from this investment might well be the first step in the next phase for your organization’s life. Professionals in all industries are learning how SaaS can transform their business for the better by reducing costs, opening the door for new business opportunities and giving them access to an ever-evolving world of useful features. Replatforming may have its challenges, but the endless benefits vastly outweigh them.]]>