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Jasper’s First Annual Customer Council Meeting in Marbella, Spain

It’s not everyday you set out to host a new event and invite various people from all walks of life to attend a far away and exotic place in the middle of a pandemic.  Given the current uncertain economic state of things, those in attendance made a particularly large investment to make it out to this event, and we at Jasper PIM couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. 

We consider ourselves truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such world class individuals.  The quality of the group we assembled for this first council became immediately apparent from the very moment they walked into the Peacock Lounge at the Don Carlos Resort through to our closing evening party.

Our first annual customer council meeting was held May 1-4, 2022, in beautiful Marbella, Spain.  The venue itself was incredible.  The resort staff did an excellent job accommodating us, which was an intimate gathering of a select group of carefully curated Enterprise customers. Specifically in attendance were representatives from: Delasco, Samsonite, Saxco International, Hunt Office and Billig Fitness.

Our guests each had lovely rooms with coastal and/or mountain views. The beauty of the Costa Del Sol region cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.

Each council member contributed with excellent and well articulated presentations followed by some collaborative group discussion about their business and how to improve it, using Jasper PIM naturally, but as importantly using other technology stacks as well.  We had an opportunity to dive into other aspects of organic PIM expansion (which is usually done in later phases of the adoption of our product) including ERP, CRM, or logistics integrations. 

We were joined by some special guests: Rachel Jacobs, Damiano Raveenthiran and Tom Cobb from, Startup Slang.   Rachel works with thousands of ecommerce agencies and merchants and we really appreciated her perspective on many topics posed by the group. Each special guest’s contribution was highly valued as they listened to all customer feedback and offered both immediate and follow up support in an agnostic and objective fashion.  Damiano gave the council an engaging presentation about the prospective future of commerce related to current brand adoption trends in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse; a topic everyone appreciated new insights on.

For many of us whom haven’t really travelled since the beginning of the pandemic it was a pleasant escape and the perfect place to unwind, recharge and engage each other in transparent dialog about what is really working with our product, and what still needs more work.  We received a welcome mix of equal parts angst and constructive criticism about our PIM, fused with the things they absolutely love about the product as it is.  There was also much excitement about the great new features we continue to release at a much faster clip (and with much higher quality) since taking the company public in early February of this year. 

The feedback we received from each council member at the event was invaluable and I believe everyone learned a great deal from each other, and about what the Jasper PIM solution can do for them, both now and into the future!

We all had time to enjoy some great food and wine together, mixed with padel, cross-fit, pool time, sunshine, flamenco, massages & even some close-up magic; followed by a lively party put on at the resort itself to close out a truly great event.    

To our new customer council members (whom all immediately became instant friends) on behalf of all of us at Jasper PIM, thank you all for your attendance and amazing contribution to the growth of our platform.  We look forward to seeing you at our next council meeting!

We are excited to continue our expansion into Europe, and some of our recent hires in Spain will ensure improved customer success and responsiveness for those we work with overseas.   Southern Spain has become a hotbed for technology talent, and we’re excited to have a more meaningful presence there as a we continue our ambition to become the only merchandising utility that all eCommerce merchants need.