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Jasper PIM and Skullcandy PIM installation

Featured Case Study: PIM Solutions For The Skullcandy Website

Do you know how Skullcandy became the number one provider of audio equipment in less than 5 years? You don’t need to spend a fortune on marketing campaigns — or forget your existing processes — to become a global eCommerce leader. What factors matter the most? Driving revenues, delivering outstanding customer experience online, and decreasing costs are the key improvements every global retailer needs. Achieving these results requires the help of the right technology providers — experts in fast-paced eCommerce growth like Jasper PIM. The American company reached out to Jasper PIM in 2012 to redesign the Skullcandy website and launch an innovative platform to reach out to new markets. Let’s explore how Jasper PIM helped Skullcandy to achieve its desired eCommerce goals. Skullcandy Website

Skullcandy’s Challenges

Created by athlete and music addict Rick Alden, Skullcandy is a world leader in seamless audio equipment, including headphones. The company operates in the USA, Canada, and Europe. With multiple storefronts across various countries, Skullcandy has to offer a stunning online shopping platform. With a mission to democratize audio experiences with quality and style, Skullcandy sought to position itself as an innovator. Before implementing a PIM solution with Jasper PIM, the Skullcandy website struggled with product data management for its worldwide customers. Delivering a quality shopping experience that appealed to customers living in different countries was challenging: customers shopping from multiple storefronts didn’t enjoy synchronicity of product data at the time. The platform had to support various currencies and languages, as well as updating product inventory consistently. In addition to these concerns, Skullcandy sought to make the website more compelling and to provide a more succinct, intuitive experience to satisfy all its customers. Next, offering a consistent brand image across different markets for the Skullcandy website was necessary to achieve superior growth. Consumers return again and again to consistent, strong brands with a solid reputation and may not return if you fail to engage them from the first visit. Plus, managing inventory was an issue for such a global company. Referencing product data consistently requires new seamless, interactive eCommerce integrations. To avoid inaccurate data and dwelling tasks to update inventory, a PIM can help. Finally, integrating customer data like web traffic, preferences, history tracking, and more required an innovative ERP/ back-end to capture such information and use it for marketing purposes. To maximize the effectiveness of existing inventory management solutions, the Skullcandy website needed integration of its ERP to the PIM to rationalize processes and drive sustainable growth. Jasper PIM has extensive experience in providing customer-centric PIM applications to various organizations of all sizes. It was all in a day’s work to develop a one-of-a-kind platform and all-in-one business solution for the Skullcandy website. The expert team at Jasper PIM explored new domains where Skullcandy could gain a competitive advantage with PIM implementation, ensuring the Skullcandy case was a success. Jasper PIM and Skullcandy PIM installation

Jasper PIM custom-made solution for Skullcandy

The Skullcandy case all started with replatforming the primary consumer websites from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to one of Jasper PIM’s trusted platform partners, BigCommerce. BigCommerce provides outstanding, intuitive channels and commercial platforms that entice both retailers and consumers. Fast and easy to set up, BigCommerce’s powerful platform enabled Skullcandy to achieve better product data management on each website. With attractive primary websites, consumers could browse more products they love and enjoy a more streamlined online experience — driving more conversions and sales. Plus, Jasper PIM implemented a custom product release management workflow between the PIM and BigCommerce platforms, which synchronized large product releases across the Skullcandy website and onto all channels. Product releases could be updated simultaneously on multiple points of sales — freeing the team from time-consuming tasks and ensuring optimal customer experience. As such, the team had fewer operational costs and tasks relating to product releases. But designing new platforms to become more attractive and competitive needed one more activity. To facilitate its connection to existing ERP (SAP) and inventory management solutions, implementing the right PIM software was mandatory. As the PIM is a single repository for all product data online, it enabled Skullcandy to manage its website and inventory consistently and on time. PIM updates product data on every consumer’s website as well as on each provider’s inventory and stock management, freeing managers of cumbersome tasks and spreadsheets.

The results with the new PIM

Not only could Skullcandy enjoy an appealing new website, it was also able to discover the benefits of effective global eCommerce integrations. The company reported that the website’s faster speed brought increased conversions and more new customers. The PIM simplified inventory management as well as product releases. With the new PIM, the American company achieved an even more prominent position in its markets. With powerful integrations with Jasper PIM partners (BigCommerce, Salesforce, and SAP), Skullcandy revitalized its website and existing processes. With the help of Jasper PIM, Skullcandy has been able to launch new products with ease, monitor results more closely, and leverage data more effectively to create outstanding marketing campaigns. As of today, Skullcandy sells worldwide in 6 languages and 4 currencies, while being able to maintain data integrity at the highest standard. Consumers can purchase their favorite headphones in their relevant stores with accurate pricing and languages while enjoying a superior experience online. Visit the main Skullcandy website to learn more about how new experiences have been created for global consumers.

About Jasper PIM

Since 2012, we have been a leading figure in the PIM industry. With our customizable, powerful solutions, our customers can enjoy fast ROI on product data management and increase their sales. Request a demo today and stand out of the crowd in global eCommerce. Explore our innovative PIM solutions for your business. Find out who we work with to create the best digital experiences of tomorrow for our customers. Discover more case studies and successful client scenarios similar to the Skullcandy case. Reach out the next stage of global commerce with Jasper PIM.