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Grow with Magento PIM

Magento Imagine 2020

The eCommerce industry is experiencing some unique developments. Driven by the impressive, steady eCommerce growth globally, the sector has never been so dynamic. A leader in the PIM business for almost a decade, Jasper PIM has launched innovative solutions for the global retailers of tomorrow. Creating distinct digital experiences that bring results, Magento is a valued partner of Jasper PIM since November 2019. Alongside the top figures in global eCommerce, Jasper PIM will be present at Magento Imagine. The conference was initially set to gather the industry leaders that shape the future of eCommerce in Las Vegas but will happen online this year. So what can you expect at Magento Imagine 2020? What does the future hold for global eCommerce and online marketplaces? How can you drive growth as an online retailer? What can you learn about Jasper PIM? Let’s explore. Magento Imagine summit

The global eCommerce leaders

This year, Magento Imagine will take place online on March 31, 8:30-10:30am PDT. Partners, customers, and retailers will have the opportunity to learn more about the future of global eCommerce. The leading figures in the industry will be present to address your concerns on all the latest developments in the industry, such as how to implement savvy digital customer experiences. Adobe Summit Live offers inspiring keynotes. Hear from expert speakers and find out more about Adobe and Magento product releases and announcements. Grow with Magento PIM During Magento Imagine 2020, industry experts will share their experience in global eCommerce. Partners and companies will highlight their views on what customers desire today in the digital space. For instance, partners can share what sort of experience drives user engagement and create customer retention — or how online customers’ habits have changed. Partners and Jasper PIM — based on their respective clients’ insights — can expose the new growth models to succeed in the competitive eCommerce sphere. The conference will also explore how retailers have switched from product-centric solutions to highly customizable customer-centric solutions.

Magento at a glance

If you’re interested in learning more about implementing PIM, Magento Imagine is an invaluable resource. With customizable, powerful tools to rapidly grow and scale revenues, Magento and Jasper PIM have worked together for years to build innovative solutions for our clients. We are extremely pleased to present our full spectrum of competencies alongside one leader in global eCommerce today. During the online conference, participants can learn from Jasper PIM experts, who can provide real-life case studies and more to understand what changes are necessary to achieve global, sustainable growth. By listening and interacting with the community, attendees can leverage knowledge to make informed improvements for your business and make contact with a large network. With a focus on high-performing product data management, we will discuss with online attendees at Magento Imagine how PIM can entirely revolutionize a business from scratch, covering data migration, platform customization, and how to build shopping platforms. Talk to us to understand the PIM business in detail. To claim your spot, visit the Magento website.

About Jasper PIM

Since 2012, Jasper PIM has launched innovative PIM applications for every industry, platform, and global retailers of all sizes. We are proud of our results. Thanks to our innovative software applications, our clients have reported a significant decrease in operational costs and an unprecedented rise in the time to market their products. Rationalizing product data management with PIM software helps businesses perform better and achieve their desired eCommerce goals. Jasper PIM offers the following applications:
  • PIM Lite for small businesses, online marketplaces, and local retailers
  • PIM Plus for middle-size businesses interested in growing to the next level
  • PIM Enterprise for large companies with global operations
By implementing the right PIM for their business, with solutions from leaders in the industry like Magento and Jasper PIM, online merchants can scale their businesses more precisely. They also enjoy greater product catalogs and descriptions — all updated accordingly to meet the customer’s demand throughout various countries. A PIM, lastly, enables better product data management as far as inventory is concerned. Online retailers can focus on driving growth and expanding to new markets — with the best technology to make eCommerce an innovative experience for their market. For multi-storefront businesses, a PIM can truly unveil great advantages both on products and customers, which will be shown at Magento Imagine. Request a demo today, and start increasing your online sales with Magento PIM and Jasper PIM.