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Shopify PIM integration

Jasper PIM Partner Profile: Shopify PIM

Succeeding in the global eCommerce world requires outstanding technology. At Jasper PIM, we have launched innovative partnerships with the leading figures in online marketplaces, and we are proud of working with Shopify for PIM solutions. Since 2012, we are leading the PIM industry with a core mission: to make our clients stand out, reduce their costs, and grow their revenues. From building outstanding customer experiences to delivering value for our clients, we have established partners we can rely on such as Shopify Plus. Jasper CEO Jon Marsella claims, “We’re proud to join this curated list of innovative technology and service partners.” We customize our solutions for each client, adapting each to their unique concerns. Read our profile on Shopify Plus and discover the unique features of Jasper PIM’s integration with Shopify. What’s so special about Shopify PIM solutions? How can your brand benefit from one of our most successful partnerships up to date? How can you build one stunning shopping platform all your customers will completely enjoy with Shopify Plus. Let’s explore.

Shopify Plus global expertise

Launched in 2014, Shopify Plus is the omnichannel enterprise platform trusted by global startups and high-growth brands for their online marketplaces. Over 7,000 brands work with Shopify Plus in over 175 countries across the world. The Shopify platform provides solutions to serve all needs, from building an online store to crafting the best eCommerce automation, from executing B2B commerce services to launching campaigns and flash sales. Present in most industries from beauty to retail, from food and beverage, Shopify Plus — with Shopify PIM integration — has extensive expertise in global e-commerce. Not only does Shopify leverage global businesses, but the platform also perfectly fits smaller retailers. With “ethical pricing” and highly-customizable solutions, every marketplace can create the best solutions for their relevant market — and ultimately scale and grow their revenues. Proof of this, Shopify businesses have made over $155 billion as of today. Boasting also exquisite features, the platform provides Jasper PIM with unique technological resources that help our clients achieve their desired growth online. Unlike other platforms, Shopify Plus enables clients to test their markets and grow accordingly. This is why Shopify Plus occupies a position as one of the greatest eCommerce platforms today on the market. By implementing solutions that fit each client’s needs, Shopify PIM offers easy-to-use, revolutionary tools that let your business grow step by step. Powerful integrations, cutting-edge API, and easy-to-install features make the platform stand apart from the crowd.

Shopify Plus features

Conceived as software as a service, the Shopify Plus platform enables a smooth transition. The eCommerce migration operates 50% quicker than with other platforms. With automatic upgrades and complete customizations from storefront to back office, the entire process is painless — leaving clients with growth opportunities as never seen before. Focused on results, Shopify Plus integrates all technological expertise so clients just focused on their brands. Another strength of Shopify Plus is its outstanding customer service, helping clients from scratch to install the Shopify PIM and eCommerce integrations they require. The setup processes and timeline are simple and devoted to building up the right solution on the budget and needs of each client. A consultant comes in-house and works with the tech team to define the project, ensuring a great launch plan can happen with the best Shopify PIM integration. The step is followed by a precise launch plan that will help you scale results from the right beginning — and readjust if necessary with integrations of other features or removals of applications they don’t need. With custom-data mapping and re-platforming channels, data migration with Shopify occurs smoothly without any site interruptions or bugs — letting your customer shop while you transition to the next technology. Shopify PIM

Jasper PIM partnership with Shopify Plus

We know that being a leader requires working with the best partners. This is why our CEO, Jon Marsella, explains that helping retailers organize their product data while achieving rapid ROI was a priority for Jasper. By working with Shopify Plus, such powerful eCommerce integrations and third-party plug-ins give our clients a competitive edge. Cost reduction and stunning design with Jasper and Shopify PIM offer our clients the possibility to achieve their goals. Joining the technology partner program of Shopify Plus was the latest Jasper endeavor to solidify our leading position in the PIM market. With Shopify PIM integration, we can serve our clients to the best. As stated by Jamie Sutton, Head of Technology Partnerships, “Jasper is a proven provider of SaaS Product Information Management applications, and we look forward to working with their team as we continue to find innovative ways to service our merchant community.” Building brand equity, providing great data accuracy across all channels, and working in pairs with the top names in eCommerce such as Amazon, Google, or eBay can be achieved with Jasper PIM and Shopify Plus technology partner program. Our work integrated with Shopify has helped organizations such as Me to We to grow and scale their revenues while decreasing operational costs.

Wrap up

Building a great brand in eCommerce requires an exceptional customer shopping experience. But what if your brand needs to revamp and integrate new features to drive more sales? Don’t overspend on a solution you don’t need. Find out more about how Jasper PIM and Shopify PIM can help you strive further in the global, competitive eCommerce sphere. Our clients report sought-after results after implementing our customizable, affordable PIM solutions. Are you curious about Jasper PIM’s innovative solutions and partnerships? Request a call today and discover how to boost your brand and provide fantastic shopping experiences that will bring more sales. Stay away from the competition and discover how to craft a unique platform your customers will love with Jasper PIM and Shopify PIM integration. Enjoy our PIM solutions starting as low as $350 per month.