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Make a change with eCommerce agencies during the crisis

How eCommerce Agencies Are Helping Businesses During COVID-19

Is your eCommerce business suffering as a result of COVID-19? Are you a small online retailer afraid to lose your clients? Are you a global leader with a history of steady growth but unsure about the future? Let’s take advantage of COVID-19 to implement some new practices for your company to succeed in the midst of the crisis. Check out these impressive marketing tools by top agencies to help you survive during shaky times. eCommerce agencies can help businesses stay afloat during these uncertain days — and ensure you maintain both your clients and your revenues.
  1. Easy digital transformation to maintain your business: is a network of leading eCommerce agencies that have banded together to help offline businesses develop eCommerce websites, facilitating powerful digital transformation in response to the current crisis. In addition to helping you get online, participating agencies can help you review your existing processes and identify areas for potential growth. You might consider an affordable PIM software to improve user experience on your website, for instance. Or you could build a client list to keep your loyal customers informed of the latest developments in your business. Thinking ahead, you can brainstorm new ideas for launching new products or services in the future.
  2. Social media tools to engage with your brand: eCommerce agencies can help you revisit your current platforms and decide which channels to get rid of. Don’t overspend on ads unless your previous campaigns have reached impressive results. Envision your ideal customer during the crisis: they have lowered their budget but are they still keen to buy? Find them on social media and bring about a positive conversation to help them purchase later. Only focus on channels where your presence is strong and established. Discover the advantages of eCommerce.
  3. Speed up your website traffic: entice your clients these days and encourage them to connect to your brand. Choose a package with eCommerce agencies to redesign your website during COVID-19 to launch an uplifting campaign for your clients. Stay connected with newsletters, social media posts, and pleasant messages across your digital communication points. Offer promotions, incentivize customers to invite their peers to your platform and discuss their points of view. Make sure your website is up to date with current information during these uncertain times.
  4. SEO and blog writing: more than ever, it’s time to make your brand stylish with great storytelling and positive messages. Revisit or launch a blog to let your clients or prospects visualize your brand. Appeal to them with interesting facts and data around your products or services, and connect to eCommerce agencies that gather positive interest these days (marketing platforms and SEO providers). Help them feel positive and happy when browsing your online communications. Make messages short and uplifting, and don’t oversell.
  5. Engage customers and invite prospects to connect to you later: send a personal message to your followers, clients, prospects with some promotional campaigns with eCommerce support. For instance, some providers of SEO and online marketing tools offer remote working tools available to use for free to help businesses connect to their clients.
No matter how much things change, you’re not alone! The entire eCommerce community is facing the same crisis, and by working together, we can overcome these current difficulties. Reach out to relevant eCommerce agencies for help, and take advantage of eCommerce support. Join with Jasper PIM as we all adapt to the new business conditions.