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overcome eCommerce challenges

COVID-19 eCommerce Challenges: How PIM Can Help

Challenges are part of life. The eCommerce sector will certainly encounter new struggles with COVID-19, as lower consumer demands accompany recession. But there are also valuable opportunities out there. Today, consumers and brands are more connected than ever. The digital tools available on the market are more sophisticated than before. They enable employees to work from home and companies to sell better products faster. Internet and social media are useful resources to help businesses stay on top. It’s exactly during these uncertain economic times that companies can benefit from adopting a new approach. What are the new rules of eCommerce with COVID-19? How can you stay ahead of eCommerce challenges and maintain customer loyalty without lowering your prices far enough to undermine revenue? How can you decrease costs but maintain the high quality your clients love? Jasper PIM’s innovative and competitively priced PIM software is your go-to-solution to succeed in eCommerce during these times.

How PIM Can Help You Succeed During The COVID-19 Pandemic

You may wonder, “Is it a good idea to update our product information management right now? Should I even consider upgrading my website? It’s certainly not the best time to invest in costly solutions with no predictable return on investment!” How can you overcome the challenges of COVID-19 on eCommerce? Well, Jasper PIM can help! First, a PIM can help you decrease operational costs: by leveraging internal processes and upgrading existing processes to new technology, retailers can save money. A PIM enables one to centralize all product data and make sure it is consistently updated throughout all channels and platforms, which saves a huge amount of repetitive or unnecessary tasks for your employees, freeing up time for other responsibilities. On your own, it can be hard to determine where to reduce costs within your organization — and hiring an expert to do the job for you would take some time. So what if you could boost your performance with a great online tool that saves you hours of work and makes your products stand out? Face modern eCommerce challenges with the right solution. With a PIM, companies can upgrade their product catalogs on their channels while saving on expenses, for instance, on inventory management, marketing costs, or even business information fees. How? A PIM simply does the work for everyone in your team. It helps marketers identify areas where you don’t need to invest anymore — for instance, which poorly-performing products might not be worth continuing to stock. It helps keep your supply chain consistent, smooth, and manageable far more efficiently than before, since your product data is consistent and updated accurately throughout all channels without adding supplementary work. It enables you to save data effortlessly and free your employees from repeat tasks such as updating product catalogs with prices. You can also avoid having to keep track of countless spreadsheets to manage your product information by hand! PIM helps with COVID-19 eCommerce

Achieve a desirable growth during the recession

During the recession, new eCommerce challenges and consumer behaviors are emerging. You need to keep your clients happy, as well as suppliers and third-parties/service providers. So instead of shutting everything down and reminiscing about the good old days, retailers can use the current climate to build a new approach to eCommerce. Implementing a PIM can add value to your eCommerce during COVID-19:
  • A PIM gives you a competitive edge without investing more money in costly marketing campaigns or new supply chain management. You’ll find that your website seems to perform even better than before, since your product data is consistent, accurate, and fresh.
  • In light of eCommerce challenges, PIM provides your team with greater efficiency to better handle product data. Instead of wasting energy in old tasks, your marketing team can develop new campaigns more specifically targeted at your clients. Your suppliers are aware your margins have decreased and may adapt their prices accordingly. Whatever changes come around, all this data will be synchronized with a PIM.
  • A PIM gives you a clear vision of where your business underperforms and which platforms to revamp, modify, or open for a better time to market for your products. If you notice a decrease in web traffic, a PIM can help you identify areas of improvement.
  • A PIM makes your product data easy to find and understand for customers, suppliers, and third-parties. As your performance shines with new eCommerce challenges, you don’t lose any clients or suppliers and may modify your existing product offerings without investing in new channels or new products.
  • A PIM permits you to save on operational costs, suppliers’ fees, and any other expenses you may not need right now. You gain efficiency without making a tremendous investment, and you can increase your brand loyalty and customer satisfaction without boosting your channels with paid ads.

PIM Solutions For Your Business During COVID-19

Jasper PIM provides highly customizable solutions that fit your budget and needs, especially during the COVID-19 eCommerce economy. Every business has its own unique eCommerce challenges and goals. Our PIM solutions are designed according to your business size and market objectives. If your goal is to optimize efficiency in the midst of a recession without totally overhauling your online presence, we can help you. If you aim to decrease costs, we can tailor a PIM solution to achieve this goal, too. Lastly, if you are worried about overspending on website maintenance that no longer satisfies your needs, we can create the right solution for you and upgrade your platforms cost-effectively. Take a look at our previous case studies to learn what eCommerce challenges we’ve helped our customers solve. Request a demo with Jasper PIM today if you need to lower your operational costs, boost your sales, and maintain your business during the COVID-19 crisis.