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eCommerce growth as Magento partners

Magento Partners | Jasper PIM Platform Partnership

Staying ahead in the global eCommerce race is quite a challenge. Especially during uncertain economic times, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, global retailers need to adapt their product offerings to meet fragile consumer demand. You have to choose the right solutions very carefully. It’s never a good idea to invest in solutions we don’t trust or spend when we aren’t sure how to quantifiably measure the results. Return on Investment matters these days more than ever, as well as meeting consumers’ needs in a competitive landscape. At Jasper PIM, we provide customizable solutions, at competitives prices, to online marketplaces and retailers of all sizes, leading them on the road to success. Let’s explore how our success in the PIM industry has led us to achieve a coveted position as one of the Magento partners.

Uncovering the benefits of PIM

  • Integrations of all channels into one repository: Small or larger retailers often struggle with finding the best channels, eCommerce integrations, and PIM solutions that will drive revenues and sustain their business. This is partly due to a lack of knowledge, information, or expertise within a specific eCommerce platform in their relevant markets. With a PIM, all points of sales are linked together, freeing retailers from time and hassle in updating product data. This success alone has earned us our place as Magento partners.
  • Affordable, fast solutions with proven results: Often retailers feel forced to choose pricey or unsophisticated solutions that can’t drive growth, bring new customers, retain their existing clients, and expand their brand to new heights. If they settle for such solutions, however, they’ll miss out on new technology that can predict customers’ behavior and make product information accurate to them. Thanks to Jasper PIM’s highly customizable PIM solutions with Magento and other platforms, retailers can accommodate their needs to reality.
  • Building a strong eCommerce brand: In short, all retailers — no matter their size and market — find product information management increasingly important to sustain their eCommerce brand. Plus, online marketplaces crave analytics to build up enticing marketing campaigns for their customers, whether it be for acquisition or retention. Implementing a PIM solution with the leaders in eCommerce, such as Magento partners, can solidify the brand.
A PIM — Product Information Management — as seen with Jasper PIM can solve a wide range of traditional pain points for retailers. As a leader in the PIM business for over a decade, Jasper PIM’s innovative solutions and partnerships are set to revolutionize the eCommerce industry, even during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.

How Magento + Jasper is a win-win scenario

As one of Magento’s partners, we are delighted to merge our resources with such a technological giant in global eCommerce. Jasper PIM helps all online merchants centralize, synchronize, and update their product information across all platforms — helping them to reach out to their desired markets. With Magento, the benefits are multiple:
  • State-of-the-art technology for innovative digital experiences: Magento next-generation technology promotes the platform growth of small-size businesses or global leaders. Magento is limitless, experience-driven, and extends far beyond a traditional vending platform.
  • Support the expansion of new platforms: Magento PIM fantastic features and integrations increase traffic and process orders faster. For fast-growing businesses, this is a double win as Jasper PIM integrations with Magento provide an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Easy-to-implement with great ROI: Integrating Jasper PIM and Magento are easy for any business as the product data can migrate safely and integrate into a single repository that maintains data consistency. Such a process makes it easy for any platform to upgrade to a PIM system with Magento partners which will drive growth.
  • Efficient digital transformation to power up eCommerce brands: digital transformation — which requires the transition from old processes into new technological tools — is on everyone’s mind in eCommerce. With a PIM, retailers can join one of the most crucial developments in eCommerce and adopt tools that will help them achieve their goals.
Jasper PIM and Magento partners

Food for thoughts

For Magento partners and customers, who do business in foreign markets, finding the right PIM software is crucial to reach their ideal audience. For example, managing inventory when selling abroad can be a challenge if product data isn’t accurate and if the information isn’t relevant on the merchant’s platforms. Retailers can lose time handling spreadsheets that don’t help them for decision-making. Managing inventory should be handled easily, at a lower cost, and free up time for retailers to perform other activities (product launches, for example). Clients who seek Magento PIM can trust Jasper PIM to increase their sales, reduce their costs, and overall operate more efficiently than they ever did. Our multi-channel platform is integrated with the best partners (like Magento) in global eCommerce. We believe strong partnerships enable us to sustain our vision to lead the PIM industry. Working with our network of marketing agencies, furthermore, helps us identify areas of opportunities to bring new customers in and maintain more customers. Retailers can expect to unify their entire product lifecycle from the inventory to the final shopping platforms with outstanding front-end channels. They save time and money and can enjoy a greater return on investment as data that captures customers’ behavior is integrated. More comprehensive data helps marketers launch more targeted campaigns. With the best online experience provided with a PIM software, Magento partners can please their customers with a well-designed, intuitive platform that serves their needs at the best. Plus, as a leader in our industry, we have already helped global clients move to the next stage of eCommerce with powerful, easy-to-use PIM software. For Skullcandy, we redesigned an entire global marketplace to make product information consistent globally. For Me to We, we launched a comprehensive, multi-currencies storefront to engage with customers more effectively. Our clients report that their time to market tripled, on average, while decreasing their operational costs dramatically.

About Jasper

Join the future of global eCommerce and reach out to new markets tomorrow. Find out how Jasper’s innovative PIM solutions can meet your business needs. Discover more about Jasper PIM and our latest work with global leaders in eCommerce as Magento partners. Request a demo today to unveil the full opportunities brought by Jasper PIM.