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Jasper PIM partner profile

Jasper PIM Partner Profile: BigCommerce

Did you ever wonder how Jasper PIM could lead the PIM industry today? Based on its years of experience in the PIM business, Jasper PIM has established some of the most powerful partnerships with the cream of the crop in global eCommerce today. One of these successful partnerships is with BigCommerce — a technology company focused on SEO, web hosting, and online marketing integrations. In light of the challenges arising from COVID-19, it’s even more essential to maintain a high level of modernization in your online marketplaces to retain your customers and gain new ones. Let’s explore how BigCommerce partners work hand in hand to create highly customizable solutions for online retailers of all sizes — and how you can benefit from implementing the right application for you.

Why Your Company Needs a PIM

As a multi-channel tool for your entire team — from marketing to supply chain — a PIM provides many benefits:
  • First, as a single repository that manages product data, a PIM frees your team from redundant tasks; for instance, the creation of new product catalogs to update on various platforms (from ERP to final marketplaces). BigCommerce partners can accomplish this task with powerful eCommerce integrations.
  • PIM also updates all product information in real time on multiple channels online: languages, prices, localization, and inventory are all displayed accurately across all channels. A PIM, therefore, saves you cost AND time when importing product data with BigCommerce or another platform.
  • Let’s say your team just launched a new service, and you wish to update its product catalogs to sell across three websites in three different countries. A BigCommerce PIM will import product data from inventory to online marketplaces and will provide accurate information about such products. Your team doesn’t have to manually perform the dull tasks of managing product data in each separate location, which would require far greater time and money. BigCommerce partners such as Jasper PIM ease this process.
  • With the integration of artificial intelligence and customer-centric solutions that seek to drive new online experiences, a PIM can integrate powerful “new digital marketing”. Your customers will receive marketing material on products according to their online behavioral patterns and previous research — making the experience truly unique and tailored to their needs. Shoppers love to receive special attention from retailers that helps them to easily gather the information that matters to them.
Now that you know the benefits of PIM, you may be wondering: how can Jasper PIM and BigCommerce help you lead the global eCommerce race? Even with the help of BigCommerce partners, how can you determine the right solution for you?

The Dos And Don’ts in Global eCommerce

If your online business wants to succeed in the competitive eCommerce landscape, here are some helpful dos and don’ts that can help you figure out where BigCommerce import, developed with Jasper PIM, can help.
  • Don’t implement the wrong PIM software that may cause you to lose time or money. Instead, work with a team of experts who know their job and can tell you what applications fit you. Monitor results according to your budget and team size, and, of course, business goals: increase sales conversions, launch a mobile app, revamp your online marketplace, boost your social media presence, venture into new markets, and so forth. Develop such a plan with established BigCommerce partners to know you’re working with the best.
  • Don’t copy the competition. Rather, be unique, with a strong brand reputation online and a smooth shopping experience that resonates with your target market. Understand the requirements of your desired customers and learn about their online behavior. Implement the right marketing campaigns with data collection by a PIM software from a BigCommerce partner.
  • Don’t believe that the pull strategy leads the race. Differentiate yourself with something exclusive about your products and services — and engage in online conversations with your customers. Do spark their interest with services and products they truly crave and provide them with an outstanding website, customer support, and accurate information about your brand — by working with BigCommerce partners.

Jasper PIM And BigCommerce: a Solid Partnership

Jasper PIM solutions Jasper PIM has solidified its presence in the global eCommerce sphere, delivering cutting-edge solutions for retailers of all sizes and working with leading platform partners such as BigCommerce. Why is it important to choose the right platform partner? To scale business revenues and growth precisely, small and large online retailers should find the best platforms and software, such as BigCommerce PIM.
  • A platform partner helps align your strategic goals with the real world, ensuring you meet your customers’ needs. To sell more and merchandize better, a platform partner such as BigCommerce can identify which platforms to choose to sell products. Integrated in a seamless and tailored way to real-time data and needs, BigCommerce partners’ applications enable businesses to approach their desired market precisely and effectively.
  • In turn, BigCommerce’s powerful integrations enable retailers to create easy-to-use tools that deliver value and results. When delivering content-rich experiences to their relevant markets, such platforms drive user engagement into the final purchase phase — securing future deals and sales, way ahead of the competition.
  • Lastly, a platform partner such as BigCommerce can help clients position themselves to achieve their desired vision in the eCommerce sphere. For instance, our work for Skullcandy, in partnership with BigCommerce, enabled us to craft effective solutions to overcome the retailer’s challenges. For instance, the tailormade application involved redesigning the main website from scratch, updated across 6 platforms in different countries, with the help of BigCommerce partners and Jasper PIM.
  • Remember the power of marketing. Using customer data strategically is crucial in delivering satisfying online experiences. By integrating the right PIM software for your business, not only do you measure customer needs, but you can also involve your marketing team in launching highly innovative campaigns that the competition can’t even copy. Ensure you create a competitive advantage that lasts and campaigns that truly impress, thanks to the data measured by software like BigCommerce PIM.

Ready to choose a PIM for your business?

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