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Catalog Management And More: How PIM Enterprise Benefits B2B Companies

B2B catalog management

Starting in the early 2000s, B2B businesses have struggled with transferring their data. They used to export product data from print catalogs to electronic data, which was a costly and time-consuming process. As of today, many B2B businesses still have a hard time maintaining data integrity to their desired standards. Yet the master catalog of B2B businesses is their lifeline — to handle great relationships with their suppliers, but also to reach new customers and sell more online. No matter the size of your company, if you are an online retailer, you need efficient B2B catalog management. This is where PIM can help. PIM software is a hot topic in the eCommerce world — and can help many entrepreneurs to maximize the efficiency of their online businesses. What are the advantages of PIM, and how can B2B companies benefit from Jasper PIM’s innovative solutions?

The challenge of maintaining an attractive product catalog

Complex organizations struggle to update their product catalog on various platforms. To attract customers, large companies need compelling B2B catalog management for multiple SKUs in different locations. Not only do they need to provide clear and detailed product descriptions — as well as tags and rich media assets — but they also need to streamline the information throughout multiple channels.

Why is a well-maintained product catalog important for your business?

  • Product data management
Customers need to find your products online easily and connect to your brand as soon as they reach your website. But with so many actors involved in eCommerce — from wholesalers and retailers to online merchants — B2B catalog management can be tough. Businesses need to ensure their products stand against the competition and can generate sales. This is why you need to implement a B2B PIM for your business.
  • Supply chain efficiency
For multinational companies, choosing the right product information management tool can be a tedious process. In order to rationalize their ERPs, sales software, and eCommerce tools across the full business spectrum, they need to analyze their workflow. Finding a scalable product information system that is compliant with internal systems is a complex task. To oversee their supply chain and product catalog appealingly, large companies must optimize their internal systems with efficient B2B catalog management.
  • New catalog creation
Catalog growth and the creation of new products require a highly efficient, modern tool that can leverage, update and distribute all data across different platforms (from the print catalog to reseller platforms). With a large product catalog spread out across the internet, B2B companies could miss some sales and struggle with updating their offerings effectively. New catalog creations should be hassle-free for B2B platforms as they focus on delivering growth and building up revenues.
  • Handling multiple partners in the eCommerce business
Large B2B companies involve multiple channels and partners’ websites for their B2B catalog management. Most businesses, when they operate at a larger scale and sell globally, have trouble streamlining their full workflow. Some data may be out-of-date or slow to show up on all platforms, resulting in missed sales or — even worse — losing customers to competitors with more advanced systems. Finding the right enterprise product information management to handle product data is critical to succeed in the eCommerce world.

How Enterprise product information management works

Best practices in building a quality B2B product catalog

Jasper PIM Enterprise is the dedicated product information management solution for large B2B businesses that seek to increase conversions and decrease their costs while remaining competitive in their markets. With a quality PIM solution, large B2B organizations can resolve the most complex issues associated with B2B catalog management.
  • Provide quality information that drives engagement
Trustworthy data is important to convince your clients to buy from you and to return the next time they need your products. To create trust and to gain traction, your product data should be comprehensive, detailed, and easily searchable in a well-designed interface. No matter where your customers are located geographically, they need to access product data and find what they want. Jasper PIM’s Enterprise production information management solution makes it easy for your customers to find relevant data that appeal to them. You can manage up to 500,000 SKUs in multiple countries. The application enables you to enrich, categorize, and organize B2B catalog management – while streamlining all marketing efforts with state of the art merchandising tools.
  • Personalize your B2B catalog to entice your customers
In eCommerce, personalization and customization are essential to stand out of the crowd. To deliver a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to your customers, you need to use outstanding solutions that drive engagement. You need to help your customers find your products easily and quickly with rich tags and media assets tailored to their previous purchases and searches. With Jasper PIM Enterprise, you can tag your products easily and offer customers rich media assets that invite them to buy. In addition to efficient B2B catalog management, the solution offers alternative products based on past behavior, using data analytics.
  • Handle a large number of partners to generate more growth
With so many channels — from referral platforms to technology partners, from multiple retailer websites to online marketing agencies — it’s easy to get lost in the water. Ensure your product catalog remains accurate, updated, and attractive on all partnering websites is paramount to achieving more sales. Jasper’s B2B PIM solution lets you handle up to 50 supported eCommerce platforms (including Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, and other leading merchant platforms). Thanks to this PIM software, your product catalog remains attractive with such powerful eCommerce integrations — while enabling smooth B2B catalog management.
  • Revamp your internal processes and become efficient
Maintaining accurate data in your internal systems is important to avoid errors and inaccurate information. As an online entrepreneur, you need to assign and manage responsibilities assigned to product catalog management. Jasper PIM Enterprise offers top product information management tools to leverage internal workflows and ensure your team can make the most of their roles.

Anatomy of PIM B2B

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