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Advantages of Information Management | Discover PIM Plus

As of today, 21.8% of the population shop online. And that’s not going to stop any time soon. Global eCommerce retail sales are predicted to reach $4.9 billion by 2021. As omnichannel shopping becomes more prevalent, forward-thinking entrepreneurs must look at ways to stay competitive. But traditional challenges remain: B2B / B2C businesses need to simplify their shopping journey to entice more customers to join—and return. Onboarding processes and automation should make it easy for any customer to buy from you, no matter where they are located in the world. Plus, to stay competitive, you need to update your core systems (back-ends, ERPs, merchant platforms, etc.) to streamline your workflows efficiently. What are the advantages of information management for your company to excel in the global eCommerce sphere?

advantages of information management

3 Common struggles your business may encounter

  • Low conversions on sales
Acquiring customers may cost a lot for medium-sized businesses. Even with an established brand, customer loyalty remains fragile. You need to optimize your sales on multiple points of contact — including mobile. As for existing customers, they may visit your online stores from time to time, but if you fail to provide an outstanding online shopping experience, they may turn to the competition. One of the advantages of information management is increased sales conversions.
  • High operational costs
On top of expensive marketing campaigns with unknown ROI, your business may face large operational costs. Running a merchant platform, hiring marketing managers, managing a global (or local) supply chain, or spending money on revamping eCommerce platforms can present an obstacle to your profitability.
  • Lack of brand visibility
Did you know that 85% of shoppers read reviews before buying from a company online? Fail to impress your customers, and you will truly miss future sales. Word of mouth is important in eCommerce as well as strong brand positioning. Ensure your customers recognize you online easily and can refer your products or services to peers. Let’s explore how Jasper’s PIM Plus solution for mid-level businesses can help you reach your desired eCommerce goals.

What is PIM Plus?

5 advantages of PIM for your business

How can medium-sized businesses address all of the above challenges without breaking the bank? The advantages of information management for your business are many. Not implementing innovative product information management that suits your business may increase your future struggles. A PIM creates greater efficiency for your mid-level business. As a core repository that centralizes all product data and streamlines the distribution of product information in multiple platforms, a PIM can help your business remove traditional pain points and explore new areas of growth.
  • Better product data management
Managing multiple platforms — along with eCommerce partnerships — is time-consuming and challenging. Medium-sized businesses selling their products on multiple markets struggle with maintaining data integrity and updating all information into multiple points of sales (and back-end applications, too!). One of the advantages of information management is smoother, more efficient product data. With PIM Plus, online entrepreneurs can handle up to 150,000 SKUs efficiently. The PIM streamlines all product data (language localization, scheduled product releases, descriptions, digital assets and inventory management, smart categories, and forth) onto all channels — ensuring data consistency is met no matter where your customers are in the world.
  • Improve customer experience
Because eCommerce is so competitive, customer loyalty is fragile these days. Unless you want to invest in costly acquisition campaigns to retain your customers, your merchant platforms have to be modern. Therefore, to provide an up-to-date, customizable shopping experience to users, you need to invest in PIM — and choose the right version for your needs. One of the advantages of information management is enhanced customer experience. Jasper PIM Plus software integrates all product data into a single repository that targets your customers efficiently according to their location and languages — and synchronizes product data to appeal to them. With its advanced product data management, your online catalogs can be organized in up to 15 storefronts.
  • Enhance time efficiency
Running a marketing campaign takes time, as does acquiring customers. Decreasing costs may not be possible unless you rationalize all processes. There’s one tool that can enhance your product data, engage more effectively and quickly with your customers, and generate even more sales faster. Medium-sized businesses can benefit from other advantages of information management. With software like PIM Plus, online retailers can market their new products three times quicker. They also increase sales by around 20-30%, thanks to the optimized shopping experience — both online and on mobile channels — enabled with a PIM.
  • Lower supply chain, operational, and marketing costs
Have you ever wondered which out-of-date software or platform to get rid of to decrease your costs and increase your efficiency? Rationalizing all workflows and processes for established medium-businesses is quite painful. Are you tired of compiling intimidating data spreadsheets and high invoices to run your business? Jasper PIM Plus provides greater efficiency for your business by streamlining workflows and centralizing all data into a single place (from product catalogs to inventory). And there are huge advantages of information management for your company as you can expect a 20% decrease in operational costs.
  • Enable easier integrations with global eCommerce platforms
Playing alone in eCommerce isn’t strategic, and we know that the most successful brands have worked on solid partnerships. To have a strong presence online, you need the best eCommerce integrations out there. Billions of sales could be missed if you don’t implement the best actors. As a pioneer in the PIM industry, Jasper PIM has established partnerships with the leaders in global eCommerce. And for a medium-sized business like yours, the advantages of information management with such partnerships matter. With PIM Plus, clients can expect to work with only the cream of the crop organizations in eCommerce (Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and more).

Next steps

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