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How Does PIM Lite Benefit Small Businesses? | Small Business Solutions

It may be hard for small businesses to increase their online sales with little investment. Top quality small business solutions may seem out of reach at first glance. However, investing in the best CRM and software can increase sales substantially. And it all starts with the right product information management (PIM) software. Small eCommerce businesses deserve the best PIM solutions to stay ahead of the competition and boost their revenues. Yet finding the right interface — that unifies all ERP and CRM across different points — can be challenging for small retailers. Implementing the best solution may be costly too. With Jasper PIM Lite small business solutions, online retailers can better manage their fast-paced eCommerce activities. So how can your business benefit from Jasper PIM Lite today? How do you increase your sales and multiply your time-to-market by three without changing your entire eCommerce platforms?

The Challenges for Small Businesses

Small businesses may not be able to afford expensive CRM and software to market their products online.
  • They require a powerful tool to manage all product data across different countries or online channels, which may be difficult to implement at a lower cost. Unless they hire a consultant to revamp their entire business software, it’s hard to find the right small business solutions to face the tough increasing competition online.
  • Online product creation and display should be easy and done with little effort or time. On top of it, customers are volatile as they are spoilt with choices from competing online stores. So a customer may turn to the competition if they don’t enjoy the best shopping experience. This is why retailers must implement the best product information management for small businesses.
  • Apart from building up the right CRM tools, companies need to centralize their data and communicate with shoppers in real-time to provide greater value. They must offer their products on a powerful interface that also helps them manage inventory and sales efficiently — with the right small business solutions.
  • Whether it is on print catalogs, eCommerce websites, ERP systems, and trading websites, small businesses need to align their marketing efforts to online merchandising accurately. From marketing to selling their products, the entire workflow should be seamless and streamlined onto one master channel for a better strategy.
What solutions exist today to manage all of the above without too many operational costs?

Jasper PIM Lite Easy-To-Use Solution

Jasper PIM small business solutions In 2019, over 70% of CRM spending was done on SaaS (Software as a Service). In the competitive PIM industry, Jasper PIM has secured a leading position.
  • With seven years of experience in the industry, Jasper PIM has developed outstanding small business solutions. Today, Jasper PIM is the number one product information management application to effectively grow your business online.
  • As we understand the core challenges of entrepreneurs to succeed online, we have launched an easy-to-use, customizable software for small businesses. Our PIM solutions are trusted by global brands and online retailers around the world.
  • We work with the best eCommerce platforms, referral and technology partners, and digital agencies to provide our clients with the right application for their individual needs. From marketing to CRM, we deliver the most outstanding small business solutions that drive results.
Here is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition — and provide our clients with the best product information management for small businesses. product information management for small businesses
  • The Jasper PIM Lite application enables small businesses to develop their own integrations, migrate their products from their existing CRM/ERP to Jasper, and to increase their online sales by 30%.
  • Jasper PIM Lite unifies product data flows from one place to another, seamlessly. All channels — ERP, CRM, inventory, product creation, and accounting back office — are streamlined accurately.
  • All product data is stored using Jasper PIM attributes into one single repository, leaving retailers free from managing, exporting, and updating data in various places. The PIM Lite solution enables businesses to manage multiple brands, logos, and products easily online.

The Results Your Business Can Foresee

Here’s how our small business solutions fit your strategic vision and follow your cost structure.
  • The Jasper PIM Lite program provides small businesses with a maximum of five store-fronts to handle up to 50,000 SKUs. Online businesses can manage multiple stores at the same time, and be sure to provide their customers with updated, accurate products and prices.
  • As Jasper PIM Lite supports multiple languages and currencies, online retailers can save time and costs on implementing new portals. They furthermore enjoy better inventory management.
  • Retailers enjoy cutting-edge, customizable eCommerce integrations (up to 5) that fit their needs and existing channels thanks to our small business solutions. We work with the cream of the crop platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and more.
  • Our robust API provides your business with the latest, nicest design and powerful interface that offer you an edge over the competition. Plus, your customers can discover your products nicely, from all around the world, with our product information management for small businesses.
What are the results for your operations and revenues? With the best PIM application management for small businesses, entrepreneurs can expect to reduce their operational costs, scale their results efficiently, and limit data errors overall. With our small business solutions, clients report impressive results such as a 20- 30% increase in online sales conversions and a time-to-market for their products multiplied by three. Choosing Jasper PIM Lite is the only way to beat the competition, boost customers’ loyalty, and achieve more revenues with the latest on-demand technology.

Wrapping up

Join the leading PIM software company in the world and stay ahead of the competition. Increase your sales, decrease your costs, and let your customers shop more. Start as low as $350 a month. Talk to us to understand more about how you can benefit from Jasper PIM Lite with our small business solutions. Request a demo today and try Jasper PIM Lite for free. Enjoy one of the best customer support in the world. Read more about our clients’ success stories and discover our expert team behind Jasper PIM. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.