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Online Storefronts | Choose Jasper PIM Application

In the world of Internet shopping, millions of consumers make online purchases every year. Online retailers need the best technology to market their products and sell them to busy shoppers. Businesses of all sizes are concerned with building up attractive online storefronts — which provide an insight into their products and brand. Great storefronts should entice consumers to purchase and ultimately to come back in the future. Providing the best shopping experience online is part of the marketing strategy. But entrepreneurs need to reduce their costs and manage their product launches efficiently. Plus, many business owners don’t have the time to build the best online storefronts. Neither do they have the budget or the experience to set up a PIM software — to increase their visibility and reach out to more shoppers faster. Jasper PIM is a leading product information management (PIM) company that helps businesses to streamline online marketplaces and storefronts. So how can your business enjoy Jasper PIM’s innovative solutions and increase their sales? Let’s explore.

Challenges for Businesses

Selling more products and selling them faster presents one of the biggest challenges for many business owners. Depending on the countries they sell, various criteria should be met by entrepreneurs when setting up online storefronts. Here are traditional challenges for smaller and larger businesses:
  • Big or small companies display their products through storefronts. Consumers should find the prices as well as correct data about the product they wish to purchase. Entrepreneurs may find it difficult to update and streamline product information accurately if they don’t have the correct PIM application.
  • To boost sales and gain consumers’ trust and loyalty, business owners need to provide shoppers with the best online experience. If your eCommerce store is built on out-of-date platforms, such storefronts may fail at giving shoppers a unique, positive and meaningful experience. As a result, consumers may abandon their online purchase or turn to the competition.
  • While browsing online storefronts, consumers should find updated product information in their relevant languages with accurate pricing and inventory in their region. But with so many software, platforms, and partner channels, information is often scattered inefficiently in a number of different places. It takes time and money to efficiently centralize and unify processes.
By the time business owners figure out the right PIM solution on their own, they may have already lost too many consumers. So here is how Jasper PIM’s innovative solutions can help set up the best storefronts on the market today, so they never lose a consumer.

Jasper PIM’s Innovative Solutions for Online Retailers

Building on their seven years of experience in the PIM industry, Jasper PIM serves online marketplaces and entrepreneurs of all sizes. We help businesses with active online presence and sales to capitalize and manage their product data efficiently. The aim is simple: to bring the best online storefronts to business owners all around the world — which will help to boost sales and increase their revenues. Jasper PIM application In specific, there are three ways to use and customize Jasper PIM applications according to your business size and needs.
  • Jasper PIM Lite is the go-to PIM application for small retailers. It enables marketplaces to manage up to five storefronts with up to 50,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). This PIM application is perfect for you if your business needs to increase its online sales without implementing a new costly ERP/CRM system.
  • PIM Plus is designed for medium-sized businesses. It allows entrepreneurs to handle up to 15 online storefronts simultaneously with up to 150,000 SKUs. This option is the best for busy, medium-sized businesses that sell actively in multiple countries to a large base of consumers.
  • PIM Enterprise is a must-have for medium to large companies. Businesses can oversee up to 50 storefronts with up to 500,000 SKUs. This solution is great for large retailers with substantial challenges in managing product inventory and pricing onto multiple channels online. PIM Enterprise provides an efficient program that does the job for a competitive price on a large scale.

The Future of Product Information Management

Here are some benefits of using PIM to effectively manage online storefronts for your business:
  • Jasper PIM applications integrate multiple eCommerce features designed to serve your needs. You can efficiently manage and customize your storefronts with the latest technology. We have developed partnerships with the leading names in eCommerce to ensure optimal effectiveness of our PIM solutions. We work with and integrate our applications with Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce, to name a few.
  • Boost and update your online presence with easy-to-find, well-organized information in the relevant language, pricing, and inventory in each country you sell, displayed via attractive online storefronts. Such achievement is made through a powerful API/interface that centralizes and streamlines data across all channel points and internal software, from the store to the warehouse.
  • Implement and customize your own solution that will drive your business forward. Using the right PIM application offers you some flexibility over time according to your market needs. If you ever need to increase or amend some features, you can do it at any time. Our solution is aimed to provide you with successful, measurable results. Such data can be accessed through an intuitive dashboard that can help in decision making.
Centralizing your product information through the best PIM applications — and building up the nicest online storefronts — can dramatically improve your online sales, and Jasper PIM has an impressive track record. Online retailers boost their sales by 30% across all channels while decreasing their operational costs using Jasper PIM. Not only do your revenues rise, but the time-to-market for new products also multiplies by three.

Wrapping up

So what are you waiting for? Try Jasper PIM innovative solutions for your online business today. Stand out in the crowd with the latest PIM application. Request a demo today. Our easy-to-implement, highly customizable solutions start from $350 a month. Build and manage the best online storefronts to bring more shoppers to you. Join the next stage in global eCommerce.