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PIM: Simplify Product Management of a Growing eCommerce Store

Many business owners struggle to achieve their desired eCommerce goals. One reason is the lack of new technology — or updated product information management — that will drive the business forward. In the online world, customers are hard to acquire and to retain. Even with solid offerings of products or services, online merchants must match the fast pace in the eCommerce world. The challenges are twofold: managing an eCommerce store that showcases brand identity and attracts customers, and generating revenues. With Jasper PIM leading PIM management services, business owners can simplify their eCommerce product management to grow exponentially. manage eCommerce website with Jasper PIM

The main obstacles faced by online entrepreneurs

There are five main pain points for online retailers of all sizes. These obstacles traditionally impede sustainable growth.
  • Website and merchant platform: a merchant’s website is the window to the brand and its services or products. The online platform should load quickly and feature accurate information on products and pricing. A great website is part of eCommerce product management. A recent study found that 57% of Internet users are unlikely to recommend a poorly designed website for their network. Entrepreneurs need to manage their eCommerce websites efficiently.
  • Digital marketing and innovative campaigns: managing an eCommerce store effectively requires innovative digital marketing campaigns. Such campaigns are not only great for customer acquisition; they also reflect the brand’s ability to sustain itself in a competitive industry. To succeed in global eCommerce, a business must leverage data marketing and frequently explore new channels to market its products or services.
  • Customer acquisition and retention: part of eCommerce product management, customer acquisition is a key goal in the eCommerce sphere. Yet such a strategy needs strong customer engagement through data management. Understanding your customer’s online behavior is crucial to achieve growth. Business owners need to implement the right solution to find out more about their customers — and ultimately to predict their behavior accurately. Furthermore, they should be in a position to tailor their services to customers through strategic data management.
  • After-sales: Customer acquisition on its own is not sufficient to sustain steady growth in eCommerce, however. In today’s competitive market, shoppers can be volatile. Customer happiness and satisfaction are two important factors to take into account when dealing with eCommerce product management.
  • Scaling the revenues: generating traffic and sales are great, yet these tactics don’t suffice in the long-term to oversee growth. Your business should be able to monitor results efficiently. The core idea is to create positive word of mouth through all of the above points. Customizable products or services are critical to scale revenues and business growth.
Benefits of eCommerce product management Business entrepreneurs often fail to use the right technology to manage these pain points. Online retailers should implement the best solutions — according to their needs, budget, and market sizes — to simplify their eCommerce product management. This is where Jasper PIM can help business owners of all sizes with our customizable PIM solutions.

Jasper PIM innovative Solutions for Business Entrepreneurs

  • State-of-the-art technology Connecting the dots between front-end sales and back-end, state-of-the-art technology is highly challenging. A growth-driven business can succeed with the right technology for them. Choosing the right PIM management software can address online retailers’ challenges and create new areas of development to drive growth.  Jasper PIM technology is a perfect roadmap to customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. It’s built upon one core promise: to create unique, original customer experiences that foster satisfaction and loyalty. But more importantly, every business can implement this technology according to their needs to optimize their eCommerce product management.
  • Manage and scale your business with a PIM software Implementing a PIM software will drive business growth in three different areas:
    • Such information includes a data-driven and elegant interface that engages customers up to the last point of the sales funnel. Your customers should feel at home when they reach your website and your voice, brand, and marketing messages need to be clear, enticing, and goal-driven.
    • A customer-focused online platform — that delivers results and creates value — is a catalyst for eCommerce growth. Customers should find all information they need quickly when browsing products or services online, thanks to the right PIM management solution.
    • Use the latest technology that combines the best API with cutting edge, customizable features to make eCommerce product management more effective. Your front-end platform and back-end office shall be joined to provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that’s revolutionary: fast, easy, secure, and transparent.
The customer-centric model of Jasper PIM’s eCommerce solutions have helped many businesses achieve their desired level of growth.
  • PIM Software: Launch innovative marketing campaigns with your partners Jasper PIM management To succeed in global eCommerce, a business needs to launch innovative marketing campaigns and find the best partners. Such relationships not only combine expertise and technology but also create the right environment for developing new marketing and sales tactics. Sourcing and finding the right partners offer ways to expand to new channels and target more customers while maintaining the existing client base. With PIM software that facilitates eCommerce product management, businesses can leverage data-driven marketing and referral platforms for their user-base. Strategic partners enable businesses to implement new tactics to grow. Accelerated growth cannot happen without the right eCommerce and online partners. A PIM will link all partners’ core capabilities into one single repository, enabling businesses to market better their products or services.

What’s next?

Ready to make your management smoother than ever and embrace sustainable eCommerce growth? Are you unsure about which solutions to choose to manage your eCommerce website? Increase your sales and customer retention, and implement the best PIM solutions for your eCommerce product management. Request a demo today to find out how Jasper PIM can help you reach your eCommerce goals. Read more about how we have helped many businesses to improve their eCommerce businesses. Find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.