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Anatomy of a PIM Implementation | Explore Jasper PIM

eCommerce sales grow at a compound rate of 19% a year. The appetite for online purchases will continue to prevail in the new decade. Over the last years, more than 80% of the population has used the Internet to purchase a good or service. But many online merchants and retailers struggle to meet high customer demand due to inefficient internal and external systems. To stand out in a highly competitive market, online retailers must beat the competition and to improve customer retention. eCommerce continues to evolve, and online entrepreneurs are moving toward more customer-centric solutions. How Jasper PIM can help businesses of all sizes drive their eCommerce growth? What is a PIM software, and how can your business implement the best one for your needs?

Product Information Management (PIM) defined

product information management PIM At Jasper PIM, we have extensive experience building up the best product information management (PIM) solutions for any business. We are a leader in the PIM industry and are trusted by the world’s top brands. We also help smaller businesses achieve their online goals. With our easy-to-implement, highly customizable PIM solutions, online merchants can equip themselves to compete effectively in the fast-paced eCommerce world. Acting as a core repository for all product data, a PIM is a software-as-a-service product that helps businesses better manage their workflows. For instance, a PIM can collect information from third-party websites, retailers stores, merchant’s own platforms, back-end and front-end data into one single source. Centralizing data throughout the entire supply chain until the final shopping website is enabled efficiently and accurately with a PIM. Indeed, eCommerce platforms struggle to maintain data synchronized through multiple sales points online, from the supply chain to the final merchant platform. As a result, disparities in terms of pricing, languages, or inventory may occur, resulting in poor customer experience and requiring long hours for entrepreneurs to keep all platforms updated. With product information management, or PIM, such issues can be resolved.

The Benefits of PIM for your business

How does product information management PIM work? There are three ways to simplify, automate, and accelerate your growth and step into a thriving global enterprise with a PIM implementation:
  • Make business management smoother than ever Implementing a PIM enables automation of processes. Automation helps to link business tools together, connecting them with referral platforms and Jasper PIM-integrated marketing solutions. As many tasks are automated, business managers free themselves from costly, painful processes. Crucial to succeed in global eCommerce, automation with a powerful product information management PIM enables businesses to maintain the same tasks onto multiple channels — leaving more time to focus on clients or product development.  Coordinating internal and external systems (payment gateways, inventory management, pricing list) creates a strong output for your business:
    • Maximize customer retention and engagement: automation with an eCommerce PIM software improves the overall shopping experience for customers, increasing satisfaction and brand loyalty.
    • Simplify workflows: processes get smoother, freeing business owners and managers from spending hours filling out spreadsheets and other paperwork.
    • Focus on innovative growth strategies: as automation improves workflow, business leaders can focus on launching newer, more innovative marketing campaigns.
  • Implementing PIM opens up new markets With product information management PIM software, thanks to automation and upgraded business workflows, online marketplaces can nurture their existing customer base and reach even more markets. 
    • Stay ahead of the competition: in global eCommerce, customer loyalty is fragile, and clients may turn to the competition if you fail to provide the best experience.
    • Improve your current products or offerings: online marketplaces can generate new revenue streams that can be injected into product development or innovation.
    • Get customer referrals to new markets: customer happiness is everything in the online world. When you don’t lose your customers, you can reach their network of peers.
  • Multiply your time to value Great products or solutions bring excellent results. That’s what we strive to achieve at Jasper PIM. With our product information management PIM solutions, business leaders can boost their sales. 
    • Clients using Jasper PIM applications and their integrations saw an increase of 15% in online sales conversions.
    • Customers also notice a 20% decrease in operational costs thanks to improved workflows and better performance with an innovative PIM implementation.
    • Clients reported increased sales performance with dynamic checkouts, multi-currency and language support and local payment methods.

How to implement the best PIM for your business?

Jasper PIM implementation
  • Unique features for revamping your businessProviding cutting-edge, dynamic marketplaces with great online experience is one excellent way to build customer loyalty. As a business entrepreneur, investing in one outstanding eCommerce product information management PIM software is part of your agenda to achieve your eCommerce goals. Jasper PIM includes Core Product Information Management Capabilities such as language localizations, batch product changes, channel management, and more depending on the solutions you choose. With Jasper PIM RESTful API, enterprises can connect all their external systems. Jasper PIM solutions support the best eCommerce platforms and storefronts. Our customizable applications can support from 50,000 to 500,000 SKU and manage up to 150 supplier feeds. Customers can enjoy the greatest customer support in the PIM industry when implementing Jasper PIM solutions.
  • Easy-to-implement, customizable solutions PIM integration is made easy with Jasper PIM. Businesses can create the infrastructure they need to grow and achieve scalable results. Bridge your front-end website shopping platform, in-store point of sales and internal ERP/CRM happens when implementing a PIM. The software collects product data throughout different channels and systems and connects to the product information management PIM. Businesses add media and promotional information that enhances that data and merchandise their products. The PIM will automatically publish new product releases and synchronize content accordingly through all channels. We offer three types of PIM implementation solutions: PIM Lite for small businesses, PIM Plus for medium-sized companies, and PIM Enterprise for bigger organizations. Are you prepared to do what it takes for your future growth? Want to learn more about Jasper PIM solutions? Read our clients’ success stories, learn more about Jasper PIM applications, and request a demo today.